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                     22nd Year - More Than $5,400,000 Paid to Players              Over 360 Consecutive Tournaments Paying at least $4,000.00 First Prize!

Tour Pros & Scratch Players                  Get back on Track with consideration given to recent scoring.

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The IGTA Tour was founded in 2000 with our first tournament in 2001. We have now completed our

seventeenth year. The Tour has paid out over $4,600,000 to its members and now provides 25 events

per year.   The original concept was to create a tour for the former scratch golfer who had to give up or

postpone his dream of the PGA Tour.   With a full time job his game suffered and suddenly he plays to a

1,2, 3, etc. handicap. The tour became popular and many mini-tour players started coming out and

ultimately top players from all the tours including Web.com and Champions Tour participate.


First Prize $4,000 to $10,000 with 33% of field paid.

Now over 325 consecutive tournaments paying at least $4,000.00 for First Place.

Some players rarely cash a check or even make the Cut on other Tours. Continue with your Tour, but play IGTA on week-ends and play on a net basis with

consideration given to recent scoring.    Shooting Even Par (Net) will earn the player at least $1,000.00 in almost every tournament.    Averaging over $60,000.00

per year for the past fourteen years.       All players will agree they will improve their game playing with the IGTA.

Pro Players already winning within the past year with IGTA:


Tim O'Neal    Tommy Schaff     Marcus Manley    Christian Heavens    Jimmy Hazen    Charlie Delsman     Javier Sanchez

In the past twelve years a score of Net even Par would have paid over $60,000.00 per year. First place is $4,000 to $10,000 and a leading money winner took

home over $33,000.00.  Most players on the tour are single digit handicaps (USGA handicap software is used).

The IGTA Tour is also an excellent developmental golf tour and many of the IGTA golf members have gone on to play on the PGA Tour, Web.com Tour, and

Champions Tour.  Others play on the Elite golf tour, Gateway Tour, Sunbelt Senior Tour, Minor League Golf Tour, West Florida Golf Tour, 

Florida Professional Golf Tour and the Moonlight Tour.

Players such as D.A. Points, Jerod Turner and Andrew Svoboda moved on to the PGA Tour.  Veteran professional, Marco Dawson has been a tremendous first

year player on the Champions Tour in 2014, winning over $950,000.00 in about six months, making every cut.  Don Gadberry, became a full-time 2010 PGA Tour

caddie for Martin Flores. Tony Smith and A. J. Montecino caddied for Brad Bryant and Y. E. Yang among others.


Some of the Pro Players include:

(Now over 100 have played IGTA)

George Bradford,
Robin Byrd, Leadbetter Academy
Don Wright,
Donny Lee,
David Ping,
Justin Peters,
Derek Watson,
D.A. Points,
Chris Trout

Cliff Kresge,

Chad Couch,
Nathan Bertsch,
Tim O’Neal,
Tommy Schaff,
Gary Hines,
Greg O‘Mahony,
Nick Wade,
John Koskinen,
Randy Erskine,

Javier Sanchez,

Marco Dawson,
Bobby Stroble,
Jerod Turner,
Dustin Cone,
David Morland IV,
Bob Percey,
Justin Bates,
Matthew Sita,
Chick Berry,

Stephen Grant,

Alex Messiqua,
Galen Aldrich,
Karl Diewock,
Anthony Aruta,
Jesse Allen,
Jacob Tilton,
Jimmy Hazen,
Ben Silverman,
Greg Towne

Marcus Manley, etc.


Anyone can win on any given day, the system works well and protects the field which is evidenced by the plus handicaps coming out and returning time and  

time again.

Players include the Winner of the first Big Break, and four other Big Break players. A Winner of the $3 Million 2-man Match Play,  Lead Player in the Million

Dollar Shoot-out,    Five players qualified and played in the US Open and Three in the US Senor Open in 2009, etc. Many other players have qualified for these

Majors over the last fourteen years.

Six IGTA players have qualified for trips to the Dominican Republic for the World Caribbean Championship and eight players to Italy in 2010 for the Tour of Italy

Challenge. An IGTA Member won the World Caribbean Championship and another member became World Ameteur Champion. More of these specials are

planned for the future.

The IGTA Tour has been good for the players, assisting them in moving to the next level, while providing the opportunity to add to their income on the way.  

At the same time IGTA is good for golf providing high quality competitive events which encourages the players to practice and prepare for the event.

To name a few, the Tour plays some of the top courses in the USA:

PGA Golf Club Ocean Hammock Reunion Resort Savannah Harbor
Cobblestone Park Kinderlou Forest ChampionsGate Grande Pines
Juliette Falls Golf Club Waldorf Astoria Southern Hills Plantation Santa Lucia River Club
Orange County National Whitewater Creek Cherokee Run Ruffled Feathers
The Conservatory Mission Inn Resort Orange Lake - Legends Bradshaw Farm

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