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The IGTA National Tour fills the void for competitive golfers in need of Tournaments for significant prize money!

        Scratch & Tour Players         Former Scratch Golfers
        Seniors         Pre-Seniors
        Avid Players with Handicap

The IGTA is established and now starting it's nineteenth year!

  • Two Day, 36 Hole PRO-NET Tournaments
  • Individual Stroke Play
  • Professionals or Amateurs with Handicaps
  • Senior Adjustments: Age 55 (or Age 50 w/10.0 Handicap or higher)
  • Super Senior Adjustments: Age 65 (about 6100 yards)(Objective: able to reach in regulation)
  • Handicaps are maintained with USGA guidelines
         and IGTA Tournament Controls
  • Large Purses - Guaranteed First Prize
  • Bonus Prizes for Class A,B,C & D Winners
  • Scratch (or+) Players (Class A) are not adjusted unless Conditional.
  • The Tour for Avid Golfers to Play as Pros!
  • The Tour for Pros to complement, or
         advance to, other Tours
  • The Low Priced Tour to Join

  •           Membership & Entry

    We encourage our players to continue their participation with their local tour or group.